Sustainability and health

Companies of the Koen Visser Group in this product group: The term ‘Health’ contains a wide range of products and services aimed at improving health, the health experience and the efficiency of medical services. ‘Health’ is therefore a huge growth market, both from a demographic perspective as well as due to the increasing awareness of its importance to individuals.

By addressing the demands of responsible consumers in an innovative way, new products/market combinations can be established which provide a better insight into the personal health risks, or efficient advice on the necessary precautionary measures. For traveller vaccinations we have added a concrete proposition in order to ensure a fast and efficient process.

Whenever the Koen Visser Group is involved in this market, our starting point is only to be involved with products and services that meet the highest quality standards in the field of medicine. As a result we only work with ‘triple A’ partners in all specialized areas.

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