The Vaccination Register is specifically developed for institutions that are active in the 
travel- vaccination and travel advice sector. Because of this, the application seamlessly connects to the way in which these institutions work and besides that, it makes several functions easily accessible. The Vaccination Register is a scalable and suitable solution for organisations with several locations, as well as for smaller general practises that perform travel vaccinations on their own clients.

The Vaccination Register is an application that works completely online. The biggest advantage of this is that the application is accessible for every computer within the institution but also from remote working locations. Your data will be saved online and you can continue your work whenever you want.

The Vaccinationregister offers a digital version of the yellow fever vaccination program! While using the application you have full access to your personal vaccination history and are you up to date with the duration of protection for a variety of vaccinations. The application is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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