Food- ingredients and Fine Chemicals

Companies of the Koen Visser Group in this product group: Food has always been a core activity throughout the history of Koen Visser. It is an ever-present industry that has a unique and highly dynamic character. In addition to the major players, who are mostly manufacturers, the industry always has room for innovative and creative entrepreneurs.

It is often the smaller players who create innovation in the branch based on their progressive nature and creativity.

Through introduction of new product lines the Category frozen fish was boosted substantially within Dutch food retailbranche, particularly through the combination of recognizing business opportunities in cooperation with A1 production partners in countries of origin. As a result of this approach a strong market position was created in relatively short time in a growing food category.

Ingredients (either for the food industry or the personal care sector) are a necessary part of the production chain. When it comes to the sale of these ingredients, the specialist know-how of the sales staff and the ability to adapt to the local needs of the client determine the choice of the buyer. Even in ‘technical’ areas it often comes down to ‘peoples business’ when clients decide to go into business with a supplier.

In the fine chemicals market, knowledge (of both products and the relevant market players) determines the level of business success. Chemical raw materials are an international global market where a good business network is a prerequisite for success.

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