Autotelex has been gathering information on the Dutch motor vehicle market and making it available for evaluation in various ways since 1964. Years of experience, during which it carefully put together an extensive network, have made Autotelex a true market leader, playing an important role in determining standards and values for the whole industry.

The comprehensive, high-quality database built up over the years contains historical and current data from importers, brokers, car dealers, automobile auctions, insurance companies, car leasing companies, banks, government agencies, and the Dutch Central Vehicle Registry.

The data include the prices of new and used motor vehicles and information about equipment levels, options, kits and accessories, technical specifications, and the progress and development of residual value. Autotelex now offers this information in various forms ranging from handy booklets to a unitized database which can be integrated into existing systems. This enables thousands of professionals to make well-informed decisions every day based on the data provided by Autotelex.

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