Rolls – Kooijmans Software

The development of increasingly complex insurance products has definitely not increased transparency in the insurance market. This is why Kooijmans Software develops state-of-the-art software which makes it possible to compare premiums and conditions in an easy and neutral way. The successful Rolls program makes Kooijmans Software the absolute leader in this area.

Rolls is a unique tool that allows insurance agents to provide their clients with comprehensive and objective advice on motor vehicle insurance, medical insurance and disability insurance.

As well as comparing policies and conditions, Rolls also makes precise calculations of premiums and ranks selected companies in order of premiums and coverage. This makes it clear at a glance which policy best meets the requirements of the customer. Rolls also offers scores of other possibilities, such as coupling insurance packages and updates via Internet.

All of this provides major time savings, which is something that many satisfied customers have already discovered.

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