The Koen Visser Group has a rich history of business. We are a company in which knowledge and experience has been passed down the generations since Koen Visser started in the marketing and sale of food products in the Netherlands and abroad in 1892.

From then on we produced preserved food, refrigerated and deep-frozen products in our own factories. In the 1960s we became widely known under the names Koenvisser and Suzi Wan. We sold our products via our own distribution network and trading companies throughout Europe. In the 1980 we started focusing on the ‘entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs’ concept under the Koen Visser Group banner.

Our joint expertise and experience is used to find businesses that are in line with the character of our company (and vice versa) as well as our strategic goals. We also choose to support entrepreneurs that fit within our group and can and wish to operate individually with the full backing of our group.

The Koen Visser Group works as an international partnership and still has the characteristics of a long existing family business, e.g. personal responsability of the managers; short communication lines; profit sharing; multicultural environment; chemistry and fellowship; thinking global, connecting local.

Ondernemingen van de Koen Visser Groep